Online Masterclass reviews

Ingraham Online Masterclasses: Module 1


"This is all so very fascinating and I have to say very addictive. The lesson format is excellent and really creates food-for-thought" Helene. W


“This is wonderfully put together, thank you Caroline. Learning masses, challenging my thoughts and only just beginning…! Thoroughly enjoying it all.” Karen T


“I have to say that the video examples were so important. Showing variations of responses are so important to me and I am sure to the rest of us learning. It helps confirm what we are looking at with responses when we are working with the dogs.” Thank you, Joan S


“Thank you Caroline for deciding to share your knowledge and tremendous work with us. I have been so looking forward to being able to begin this under your tutelage; knowing that it would eventually happen! The course delivery and structure is fabulous; It is hugely exciting learning. I trust one day to gain essential confidence to bring this modality into my clinical practice.” Karen T


“This is a wonderful lesson which is so important . The connection, trust and results are amazing.” Julia F


“I’m loving this course. I’ve learnt so much already (and feel more confident) – and I’m only on Lesson 2!!” Gina E


“Really enjoying this course.” Alison M


“Thank you for putting this deeply touching content together. The Animal Kingdom sure deserves us having this knowledge so we can start to understand and help them in ways never imagined before. Feeling honoured to be learning this. Thank you for everything you do. Great to have the videos as a visual backup.” Jolene W


“I’m loving the videos as well, it is inspirational! Thanks for putting the course together for us.” Carol F


“So great to get started on this course and excited to be adding deeper layers of understanding of a method that has been and is so helpful and influential with my dogs, especially Sophie, as you know! Thanks Caroline.”  Ros K


“Thank you for all your amazing work and dedication to this course and helping us become confident in our work with animals. I am so delighted that you share this subject with all of us. In the past with my career work as an equine sports therapist and aromatic worker, I was always rushed, felt rushed and under pressure from the client to get a result. It took me years to realise that you need to be strong with yourself. You just first start with being in the moment. You are so correct with the assumption’s thoughts, and how this can possibly lead you down a path that could delay help and healing. When I could start to be with the animal and truly just be there, I found that the animal seemed to show me more with its body language. I felt, as you say a facilitator. So, thank you for all your amazing work and dedication to this course and helping us become confident in our work with animals.” Joan S


“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. My Black lab started licking a paw tonight nonstop. She allowed me to hold her paw but with all her fur it is difficult to see if she has something stuck. The vets office is closed. I dived into my Ingraham oils and allowed her to guide me. She chose German Chamomile. She inhaled for a long time then stretched out with no more licking. She started up about 3 hours later and this time when offered, she chose the antibacterial oils. She settled down once more. Started up licking an hour later but so far quiet. This course has helped me to trust my dog to know what she needs.” Lauren F