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Ingraham Masterclass reviews


"Finding truth seems to be a big challenge in our world today. It is so vital that we learn the real truth especially when it comes to healing and helping animals and ourselves for that matter. Thank you so much Caroline for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in this IMIM approach. I have so many questions and want to learn more from you." Charlene S.   
"Have to say I just purchased this after your talk with Dr Karen Becker and Rodney Habib. I am starting lesson 6 today and am so glad i purchased this course. Fascinating and very informative. I do use essential oils and am grateful for this vital information." Laura T
"Wow! I can't believe I'm at the end of this fantastic Masterclass. A year of learning and absorbing is over and I'm actually a bit disappointed it has come to an end! I'm already starting to re-watch every lesson to refresh what I've learned and to pick up any bits I may have missed. I'm so grateful, Caroline, to have had this opportunity to learn from you and benefit from your years of experience. The lessons have been informative, stretching and engaging with just the right mix of technical/scientific elements, practical applications and videos. The opportunity to study at a time to suit me has worked really well too and what's even better is that all the lessons are permanently available as an invaluable library. Throughout, I have been moved and inspired in equal measure. Thank you!" Julia C
"I have to tell you how impressed I am with your work and teaching. You are the Jane Goodall of Aromatic work in the world. Thank you, I have so much gratitude for this valuable information." Joan S 
"I’ve never known a course to bring such joy and continued amazement, thank you so much! Each lesson unfolds so many elements with such deep learning….forever grateful for you sharing so much knowledge." Christine P


"Hello from California! I just wanted to say how much I am loving this online program. I had read your book for dogs, and it changed our way of thinking on so many things." Kim D.T
"I have absolutely LOVED the learning journey. Thank you so much for a beautifully crafted learning experience, and to Caroline for so kindly sharing her amazing knowledge to help us help more animals. The structure and content of the course is first class. I feel empowered with more knowledge and understanding, and look forward to continuing the self medication journey. Such an honour. Thank you so much." Tracey B 
"Wow so now I can start from the beginning :) I love this training and even more I love to see self medication in practice. I always say to my clients that this is the art. To observe, listen and try to offer what the animal is needing and step back when the session is over. This training helped me to understand my intuition and communication with animals, showed me how to be even more respectful and gentle towards all animals. Thank you Caroline, very very inspiring what you have done and what you are doing." Laura P
 "The course is very informative, I enjoyed the whole journey of learning and seeing all the amazing results as well as knowing how everything is connected and working together, it makes such perfect sense. Will definitely go through the course a second and more time, there are so much to take in! I’ll re-visit all the knowledge and practice before I’m ready to go on to the professional course. Thank you Caroline and Martin so so so much for putting all these together, I can’t imagine how many pets and their owners have and will benefit from the knowledge and skills you provide!" Zheng H
"I am so very grateful for receiving all your wise lessons, Caroline. It has been an amazing journey for me to be part of and it is so great to be able to introduce this great method in my work as a naturopathic therapist and create independence and to give each animal a voice and choice. I am looking forward to develop myself further in this method and to contribute my stent to a more beautiful and healthier animal world. I will work hard to put self-medication on the map in the Netherlands. Thank you so much" :) Corine P
"This is all so very fascinating and I have to say very addictive. The lesson format is excellent and really creates food-for-thought" Helene. W
“This is wonderfully put together, thank you Caroline. Learning masses, challenging my thoughts and only just beginning…! Thoroughly enjoying it all.” Karen T
“I have to say that the video examples were so important. Showing variations of responses are so important to me and I am sure to the rest of us learning. It helps confirm what we are looking at with responses when we are working with the dogs.” Thank you, Joan S
“Thank you Caroline for deciding to share your knowledge and tremendous work with us. I have been so looking forward to being able to begin this under your tutelage; knowing that it would eventually happen! The course delivery and structure is fabulous; It is hugely exciting learning. I trust one day to gain essential confidence to bring this modality into my clinical practice.” Karen T
“This is a wonderful lesson which is so important . The connection, trust and results are amazing.” Julia F
“I’m loving this course. I’ve learnt so much already (and feel more confident) – and I’m only on Lesson 2!!” Gina E
“Thank you for putting this deeply touching content together. The Animal Kingdom sure deserves us having this knowledge so we can start to understand and help them in ways never imagined before. Feeling honoured to be learning this. Thank you for everything you do. Great to have the videos as a visual backup.” Jolene W
“I’m loving the videos as well, it is inspirational! Thanks for putting the course together for us.” Carol F
“So great to get started on this course and excited to be adding deeper layers of understanding of a method that has been and is so helpful and influential with my dogs, especially Sophie, as you know! Thanks Caroline.”  Ros K
“Thank you for all your amazing work and dedication to this course and helping us become confident in our work with animals. I am so delighted that you share this subject with all of us. In the past with my career work as an equine sports therapist and aromatic worker, I was always rushed, felt rushed and under pressure from the client to get a result. It took me years to realise that you need to be strong with yourself. You just first start with being in the moment. You are so correct with the assumption’s thoughts, and how this can possibly lead you down a path that could delay help and healing. When I could start to be with the animal and truly just be there, I found that the animal seemed to show me more with its body language. I felt, as you say a facilitator. So, thank you for all your amazing work and dedication to this course and helping us become confident in our work with animals.” Joan S
“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. My Black lab started licking a paw tonight nonstop. She allowed me to hold her paw but with all her fur it is difficult to see if she has something stuck. The vets office is closed. I dived into my Ingraham oils and allowed her to guide me. She chose German Chamomile. She inhaled for a long time then stretched out with no more licking. She started up about 3 hours later and this time when offered, she chose the antibacterial oils. She settled down once more. Started up licking an hour later but so far quiet. This course has helped me to trust my dog to know what she needs.” Lauren F
“This was fascinating and brilliant to watch - thank you.I was wondering about so many things and you’ve answered a lot of my questions..." Louise S. 
"Thank you for this amazing online course. I have learned sooo much. I am registered for Module 2 and cannot wait to continue with my education. Great job on teaching." Lauren F. 


"I am so happy, I just finished the masterclass today :) and I did really enjoying the journey. The lessons where so interesting. Thank you :) In-depth, enlightening, refreshing and at the same time I discover that as a naturopathic therapist I fortunately also apply a lot. With all the knowledge and experience I have collected, I hope to be able to make owners even more aware and inspire them to give the choices back to their animals. This ‘lost’ knowledge is allowed to evolve and I am happy to contribute to that. This masterclass will certainly contribute to that. Thank you, Corine G


"Module 1 was amazing - thank you! I feel much better prepared for working with a variety of animals and am much more confident. Can’t wait for Module 2! Julie D
"Loved watching Millie and her process. Shows how you need to look holistically at the complete dog and not assume just because they are presenting certain things that it isn’t something else entirely that is needed for their healing. Nice to see also the learning for the owner about vaccines and worming. Loved being able to watch you take them through the intricacies of how to work with Millie and the oils through all the different layers to find what is actually needed to help the her heal." Marji P
"Thank you for Module 1 sharing your experience, skills and knowledge. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning, fantastic you have a range of teaching styles to accommodate everyone wanting to learn. Enjoyed the assessments to check my learning. Very much looking forward to starting Module 2 :)." Louise W


"Very much enjoying each lesson, the amount of information and work you have put into the videos and course notes is impressive. I am really enjoying how easily broken down each lesson is with additional videos and graphic diagrams you have created, it makes each lesson that much more enjoyable and easier to learn." Laura T
"I am blown away by the effectiveness of the remedies This particular video with the horses has actually made me cry due to seeing the relief you can see in the responses of both these beautiful horses. Thank you Caroline." Helen P


Book reviews

Animal Self Medication


"There's a huge amount of information in this book but it's clearly laid out and easy to read. One of my dogs suffers with knee and arthritis pain (amongst other things), watching her slowly calm down and then go to sleep from sniffing her oils is just amazing." Jane Stringer  
"If I could only take 3 items to a desert island, this absolutely would be one of them. Do you ever think how did we cope without the internet and google? Well, this is how I feel about this book. Rather than buying your horse a new coat, your cat a new scratching post or your dog a new collar and lead, why not buy them a gift to last a lifetime. This book is transformational as it empowers animals, gives them a voice and it will also serve to deepen the bond between you and your animal as they recognise that you are listening to them and allowing them to heal themselves." LLL
"The book is really wonderful!!!  I love everything about it - it's very informative with wonderful illustrations and laid out in a most appealing way." M Ray
"I am pleased to inform you we will be adding your book to stock in the Biological Sciences Library which I'm sure will be of interest to our students as well as those studying in the School of Veterinary Sciences." Lucy Wilkins, University of Bristol
"The book is very informative and detailed, with several high-quality photos. It has many different case reports do exemplify the use of natural medicines. It explains well each of the essential oils, herbs, and minerals. The printing paper is of high quality. It is a substantial book, very recommended for those who want to better understand or study the use of natural medicine for animals." Cecilia S.V
"Hi Caroline, Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to you for your amazing book, How animals heal themselves. I have been having some incredible results with my rescue dogs and my horses. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart." Mills
"This is my go-to book for natural healing for all my animals." Lyn Brewster
"So detailed but not mind boggling, a relaxed feel about it when reading as its jargon busted!" Laura Harbour
"An excellent book and very helpful to me as a scientist, thanks." JNR
"I am almost at the end of this book, but I will be going back to it again and again as a reference book and as I learn more about helping animals to help themselves. Loads of case studies that have moved me to tears as I read through them. Loads of practical advice and explanations about the science, but easy for a non-scientific person to understand also." J. Sheedy
"Simply a Bible to learn how to allow animals to care for themselves as they have naturally done for millions of years knowing what is good for them. A plethora of knowledge and practices put at the service of the well-being and healing (physical and emotional) of animals. Caroline Ingraham literally takes us by the hand in this book and explains ALL in detail about plants, dosages, synergies, modes of administration, etc... Book also filled with stories of real examples with precise description of everything that was chosen by the animal to heal. A new way of healing. A new way of being at the service of the living. A big thank you to this great lady. Book entirely in English, not translated." S.G
"It is a book that is worth having in physical form to be able to mark sheets and have it very close at hand to consult. Very complete, it not only talks about oils but also about some differences between giving the oil or the hydrolat and even recommendations on when it is better to give one or the other. Very happy with the purchase and recommending it to everyone. If only there was a Spanish translation." LLG


Help your dog heal itself 3rd edition


“I bought this book because Dr. Karen Becker recommended it. At first I was a little sceptical but as I read it made sense. And it really works. This is a must read if you are going to use essential oils for your dogs.” Lucy’s mama
“Fascinating subject. My dog has really benefited from Zoopharmacognosy. It’s mind blowing.” Philippa Mckenna
“I love this book. I love how its laid out in easy to find sections, so you don’t have to read through the entire book in order to find information.
I recommend this book to every dog person I know. If only I was on commission!
My dog hated the flea and tick repellent i brought from Caroline and ran a mile to let me know under no circumstances, would he be having that near him but when I sprayed some valerian or linden blossom, he came towards me and wanted to lick my hand even. I also used this technique to see if he would choose a homeopathic remedy and he did. I wasn’t able to find a herbal remedy for his scratching (perhaps I didn’t have the right one to offer?) So as a last resort I offered 3 vials of a homeopathic remedy, and he licked the bottle of one. I went to put it in his mouth, and he turned his head. I dropped it on the floor, and he chose to take it himself. He took another one later and thank God the itching stopped. I still ask myself if it was a fluke and I will never know but the thing is no harm done and his itching stopped. That’s all I care about. “Forest6
“A must read for any dog owner who wants to help keep their dog well. Not only for nursing your dog back to health, but excellent advice on how to support their immune system and maintain healthy systems. The book is beautifully illustrated, plenty of case studies and an easy-to-follow guide of what essential oils and other minerals to use for every condition your dog may suffer from. It is mind blowing and I’m so glad I purchased it.” Sammi
“This is a fantastic resource of information on dog self-selection of essential oils etc for their healing and is excellent value for money. Caroline really knows her stuff and I feel so lucky to have my own copy of this book. Thank u to her and to Amazon. Can’t wait to read the whole book and use it as a reference thereafter.” Cotswold Cherry
“Book arrived in perfect condition and fast; I've just started reading it and find that it is quite an alternative way of thinking but I'm a believer that dogs have innate senses that we can only dream about so it's logical to me that they should be able to heal themselves naturally. I will certainly try a few of the remedies on my 1-year-old cavapoo... “ Catherine D
“Brilliant book. A friend has this and uses it all the time. really good easy to read information.” Deana B
“A wonderful book! Additional information in this second edition which made it invaluable for those who are interested in helping their companions become as healthy as they can be. Book got lost in transit the first time, but amazon sent another as soon as I contacted them. Worth waiting for!” H. Matson
“This is a book that every dog owner should have to help your pet in a natural AND safe way...” Kristien
“A very interesting and instructive book. I know much more about how dogs tick.” Kate Walsh
“This book gives a wonderful insight on how you can help your dog heal naturally.”
“This book is full of invaluable info.” Wendy
“Perfect! Item as described. Very informative.” Terri
“Thank you, Caroline, for making this healing process available!! I had a online session with Caroline then followed up by purchasing this book. I have to say both the session and following the book's recommendations have resulted in EXCELLENT healing shifts in my dog's prior chronic health challenges! I am continuing to give the oils to my dog. I have since shared the book with my sister and her dog is healing via the oils too. Highly recommend this book and Caroine's process! I purchased the oils from Caroline's site.... HIGH QUALITY oils! All the best!” Anns Vision
“Impressed with writer's knowledge, Great book with a lot of good information.” Cheryl K
“Safe and effective advise on treating your dog with essential oils, carrier oils , clays & herbs etc. Highly recommend.” Joanne Lang
“At this point, I just want to thank the author. Those who work with this method also change themselves. It needs confidence in the self-healing powers and a fine observation for the signs of our animals. The author is well structured, forming a small group of Remedy’s on various topics taking into account the species dog.” Wally F
“Really inciteful and practical. I recognised traits from case studies... Clear guidance and fascinating. I look forward to applying the advice following observations. I now realise the importance of not forcing a treatment on my dog even though I have his best interests at heart.” Oldbat