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"Maybe its time to re-evaluate our relationships with animals and start perceiving them as active rather than passive beings"


Caroline Ingraham

Founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy and Animal Self-Medication


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"Wow! I can't believe I'm at the end of this fantastic Masterclass. A year of learning and absorbing is over and I'm actually a bit disappointed it has come to an end! I'm already starting to re-watch every lesson to refresh what I've learned and to pick up any bits I may have missed. I'm so grateful, Caroline, to have had this opportunity to learn from you and benefit from your years of experience. The lessons have been informative, stretching and engaging with just the right mix of technical/scientific elements, practical applications and videos. The opportunity to study at a time to suit me has worked really well too and what's even better is that all the lessons are permanently available as an invaluable library. Throughout, I have been moved and inspired in equal measure. Thank you!" Julia C


"I have to tell you how impressed I am with your work and teaching. You are the Jane Goodall of Aromatic work in the world. Thank you, I have so much gratitude for this valuable information." Joan S 


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Podcast by Colleen Quinn with Caroline Ingraham The secret to truly effective therapeutic plant medicine is through understanding our plant science and backing it up with evidence. Each week we will learn from the greatest aromatherapists, cultivators, scientists, researchers and boots on the ground plant workers in our medicinal plant world globally. Join Colleen as she takes us on a journey into the brightest minds in our  industry. Today she is with Caroline Ingraham who founded Applied Zoopharmacognosy and is the leading expert in this field of animal self-medication. She has always had an enormous concern for the ethical treatment of animals and has spent the last three decades researching and observing how animals self-medicate. 
Caroline's interview with Rosie Irving  T.V producer (BBC Gardeners World), plant specialist, garden design
BBC Radio 4: Four ThoughtExtract from the Hay Festival: The zoopharmacognosy expert explains, “From the humble caterpillar to the mighty elephant, animals have an innate ability to forage for plant and mineral extracts in order to look after their own emotional and physical health. Domestic dogs are no different. Many canine behavioural problems are not rooted in past emotional trauma but in physical discomfort. You can enrich their lives by offering many of these naturally foraged extracts for self-selection.”
Raw Pet Medics: Caroline with Dr Conor Bradley, Dr Nick Thompson and Dr Brendan Clarke
Inside Scoop (subscription channel): Caroline with Dr Karen Becker and Rodney Habib
BK Petcast comming soon...Bryce & Kenzie, whose goal is to help you enrich & extend the lives of your dogs & cats through nutrition, mental & physical stimulation and much more...



Animal observational researcher, author and founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy and Animail Self-Medication, Caroline has dedicated the last 35 years to the study of how animals heal themselves.


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