Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy enables self-medicative behaviour in domesticated and captive animals by offering plant extracts that would contain the same, or similar constituents to those found in an animal’s evolutionary history. The practice encourages and allows an animal to guide its own health, since unlike their wild counterparts, captive and domesticated animals rarely have the opportunity to forage on medicinal plants. The extracts offered include a variety of essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts, macerated oils, tubers, clays, algae, seaweeds and minerals.

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The canine workshop I attended 2021

How I found zoopharmacognosy by Carol Fieldhouse

I’ve had Caroline Ingraham’s book ‘Help your dog heal itself’ for some time but never got started using it. By pure chance, a friend told me about a canine course being run locally to me. In the end, the friend didn’t go and I did. Perhaps it was meant to be! Before attending there were various recorded webinars to watch and those inspired me so much that I ordered my own kit of oils, waters and nutrients to get me started properly!

The workshop I attended

Everyone on the two-day course had watched the online canine webinars as homework beforehand so the course was a refresher and very practical. We were from a wide variety of dog-related backgrounds – a vet, veterinary nurses, dog trainers/walkers, holistic dog groomers, dog massage therapists and pet owners. A number of different dogs visited so we could learn how to apply the Zoopharmacognosy.

One great teacher was a gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel. He was hyperactive, eating socks and other things. His owner said he never relaxed. Gradually, as the different oils were selected it became apparent which he wanted and we could deduce possible reasons. He’d been long docked as a puppy (apparently a Vet in America says all dogs have pain along the spine after being docked) and Caroline has found it is quite common for docked dogs to indicate they need remedies such as St John’s Wort and birch applied to their spine. This little fella clearly indicated he wanted it there. Once this, and other selected oils, had been sniffed and/or applied, the little dog lay down and snoozed. The energy in the whole room changed from frantic to calm and relaxed. It was wonderful, his owner said it was unheard of for him to relax! What an amazing gift this is. He must have been in pain all the time.

New Online Training Course 2022

We will release the first phase of this training in January 2022. The training will take you through all the knowledge and skills required to work safely and effectively with all your own animals whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. If you have successfully completed Modules 1 and 2, canine professionals such as vets, vet nurses, behaviourists and groomers, will also be able to apply to join the Professional Practitioner/ Facilitator canine module (Module 3) to be released later in 2022.

If you are interested in further education and a deeper understanding in Self-Medication, please subscribe to the website to receive updates and offers. More details on the online syllabus, and modules will be released in the coming weeks.


Workshops & Webinars

Caroline trains both professionals and non-professionals in this new field of science and animal welfare. She teaches how to recognise and understand self-medicative behaviour, while explaining the mechanisms that under-pin the science of this innate behaviour, a behaviour animals evolved to cope with potential threats including disease and injury. Caroline’s research is on going and so the subject is constantly evolving. Each workshop, whether online or in person, shares her latest knowledge enabling you to reach the best possible outcomes.


Essential Oils, Books and other Herbal Extracts

We are a bespoke company offering a range of quality products, sourced directly where possible from the artisan grower. Our philosophy is to create a pharmacy for animals, whereby they can choose the plant extracts they need to heal themselves, as they would in the wild. To achieve the maximum healing potential it is important to use the highest quality essential oils and extracts. We only use recyclable materials.

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"It's time to re-evaluate our relationship with animals and start perceiving them as active, rather than passive beings."

Caroline Ingraham

Caroline's interview with Rosie Irving - April 2021

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Enjoy reading and listening as well as learning from Caroline’s chronicles. These fascinating stories range from companion animals to the elephant, tiger and primate, not of course forgetting the brown and polar bears.