Module 3: IMIM Canine Professional Diploma Training

Length of training: 12 months


"As I draw close to watching every single one of the one to ones before I re-watch them and complete my homework, I am constantly inspired by your unwavering passion for your life’s work and to see the truly individualised approach in action for each and every case. I guess it’s not called IMIM for nothing! Your patience, calm manner,  and acute art of subtle observation is to be wondered at, especially since the one to ones were such a marathon in terms of time, commitment and mental concentration.

 What a learning experience and what a role model, thank you Caroline! I hope we all turn out to be model practitioners and do you proud!  With best wishes Julia Cardy"


Applications open: October 2024 (TBC) for course start January'25. Course structure will be updated on this page soon.


Live Practical Online Training:


Two individual one to one zoom sessions with each student. A release form will be provided, required to be signed by all participants and returned.



The first session: 1 to 1 training with a dog of your choice where Caroline will guide you. This must be booked in the first three months of the course. Other students may watch live or view a recording of the session, which will be stored in the online resource library for all IMIM Diploma students. It's advised to avoid overly challenging cases like reactive dogs or puppy farm dogs initially.



Second session: 1 to 1 session where Caroline reviews a recording of your work with you, offering guidance to improve your skills. Other students may watch live or view a recording of the session, which will be stored in the online resource library for all IMIM Diploma students.


Over 40 live practical sessions for students to learn from


Live Discussion Clinics


These will be scheduled monthly and will be a great way to discuss with Caroline and the group, concerns, problems, as well as successes in your studies. You will also get support and help with the cases you are working with as well as sharing any other learning experiences. 

These sessions will be recorded and available in a  short term reference library for  anyone who has missed one of the live discussions. Normally scheduled on a Saturday, there will be a morning discussion class and an evening class to enable students in different time-zones to attend.

Dates and times will be announced in advance and if you cannot make a session, you can email your questions to us and we try to include it in the discussion.


Practical Case studies


You will need to complete 6 case studies together with follow-up sessions and record these on the Ingraham App. These must be completed within the 12 months of the course. One of these will be chosen to discuss in greater detail in the oral exam if you go on to take the exam.

The practical cases are for you to gain your own practical experience and you can work with them in whatever way works best for you (ie in person or remotely via zoom). They do not need to be video-recorded but details of each session must be entered into the app. If you need any support with the case, it is recommended that you book in with your client and dog for a private session via zoom.


Review of Modules 1 and 2


In this important homework you will need to summarise the main points you have learnt from each lesson in Module 1 and Module 2 where there is a video, e.g Geophagy, Sensory Modulation Theory, Mindfulness (if a lesson is split into multiple parts, provide an account of your learning for each part that contains a video) etc.

Format per lesson:

Listed in bullet points

Word count per lesson 100 to 200.

Must be completed and sent to us within the first 6 months of the course. For students with English as a foreign language please let us know if you need a longer time to complete this homework.

Deadline for current class: 15th October 2023 (if you need an extension please send us an email by 30th September at the latest).

Homework: Learning review of 20 recorded student practicals (1 to 1 sessions)


Format per practical session (videos found in the study library on the website):

Listed in bullet points

Word count per session 150 minimum.

This homework is to demonstrate the learning you have gained by watching and reviewing 20 of the 1 to 1 sessions. 
As mentioned above you can list your main learning points, as bullet points with a minimum of 150 words for each of your chosen sessions. Please note that this work will not receive individual written feedback after being read. This task is designed for you to deepen your observation skills and knowledge of the remedies.

Must be completed and sent to us within the 12 months of the course (before 15th April 2024 for the current class).


Private tuition: Individual support if needed


This will be available to all IMIM Diploma students if you are struggling with a difficult case. Session times available are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. If suitable any of these sessions may also be used in the diploma student library or used in any other way for other educational purposes. 

Included extras:


Ingraham App. This will be free for the duration of the 12-month training (you can continue after this with a subscription)

Additional support.  Private 1 to 1 online support for those requiring extra help is available during the course at a 45% discount

Student resource library

Dedicated IMIM Facebook page for diploma students

Graduates will go on to have access to a dedicated site specific to them after successful completion of the exam

Required items for the IMIM Diploma

that are not included in the cost of the diploma training


Ingraham Core Kit and Canine Add-on-kit  (


Book: Help your dog heal itself 3rd edition (


Book: Animal Self-Medication (optional)  (



For those seeking to take the exams, this will need to be booked within 6 months after the 12-month training: fee applies

A booking form will be made available at the end of the course for you to reserve your exam and place in the schedule with Caroline. 


i. Show a recorded zoom session/ or recorded in person practical where Caroline will observe you working with a dog you have not previously worked with/ or a dog with an ongoing problem. In this session you will be expected to guide the owner/ carer/ guardian in the same way that Caroline will be guiding you in the practical you have with her. The dog will be expected to have either a behavioural or physical issue. If you cannot find a dog, we will try to find one for you.


ii. An oral exam, talking about a case study selected by you from your work on the Ingraham App.


If you find the English language difficult and we will try and find a solution for you.