Canine Self-Medication: Short Online Course


Psychotherapeutic Remedies, Behavioural Problems

& Where to Start


Where to start, reading responses and working with behavioural problems at home and working in rescue centres 




Course Overview

Often it is difficult to know where to start. This lesson introduces you to the obvious and not so obvious behaviours given by an animal, that indicate what remedies may be needed to begin the session.

Behavioural issues in dogs can manifest in many ways, such as reactivity, anxiety, fear, or excessive barking. It is important therefore to determine if there are any underlying hidden physical causes that are exacerbating a troubled past. This self-medicative journey may take you to the obvious or the so obvious. By understanding possible hidden causes along side past traumatic experiences, influencing your dog’s behaviour, your will have an opportunity to help free them from longstanding behavioural issues.

In this course, we delve into the powerful influences of psychotherapeutic essential oils, and how they can help the emotional and mental health of our canine companions. You will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to positively impact the lives of dogs coping with trauma. The course is not just about addressing symptoms; instead it goes to the very core of their emotional experience, providing a pathway to healing and resilience. Recognising stress, what causes it, and how to alleviate it is crucial for our animals. 

IMIM techniques involve a keen analysis of body language (different to classical behavioural training), seeking to unravel puzzles by considering various factors, including behavioural clues.

The course is packed with live canine sessions taking you on an in-depth journey into Applied Zoopharmacognosy and the IMIM techniques.

What you will learn

  • Learn which essential oils possess a remarkable capability to target memories entrenched in trauma. Working with oils that act as conduits for emotional liberation.
  • Learn how these oils become valuable allies, helping animals to confront and release traumatic or distressing memories.
  • Learn how by identifying any hidden issues that your dog is experiencing, you can offer the most suitable essential oils, creating the possibility for the most effective outcomes. 
  • Learn from a recorded live session how to work with reactivity towards men
  • Learn behaviours and micro signs, understand individual yes and no responses. Know when a session has finished. Recognise when a dog is working with the vomeronasal organ. 
  • Learn how to let your dog guide you to what they need to work with first, their physical body, their mind and emotions or their past 
  • Understanding body language towards aromatics

Comprehensive Instructional Study

With around four hours of film, presenting live situations, including working with rescue dogs. Recommended study time (between 6 to 10 hours) 6 hours CPD certificate available on request.
The videos are rich in teaching aids that  provide invaluable support, offering in-depth guidance and practical insights to maximise your learning experience.


Lesson 1 Valuable insights on where to begin, so not to overwhelm a dog with too many unwanted aromas

Lesson 2 Working with a variety of dogs learning how to work effectively with essential oils to get the best outcomes

Lesson 3 A comprehensive journey working with psychotherapeutic oils, exploring the roots of individual behaviour and animal ethology

Lesson4 Live Session with Caroline: Working with a fear reactive rescue dog. The lesson takes the student through the stages needed to introduce the dog to, first a known man and then a stranger, with successful outcomes


Learning Resources: Downloadable Course Materials
  • Course notes
  • Informative reference charts

Who is this for?

Whether you're a pet owner, animal caregiver, rescue centre staff, behaviourist, vet nurse, vet, or a professional working with animals, this course is for you. Gaining insights into the physiological and psychological effects of stress and trauma is critical for ensuring an animals well-being. Enrol today and embark on a journey to enhance the lives of the animals in your care. If you are intrigued by what is triggering your dog’s behaviour this course will expand and deepen your understanding so that you can truly help them. If you have an interest in using natural plant-based remedies such as essential oils and want to learn how to use them safely and effectively to help create lasting positive change then this course is for you. Gain instant access and learn directly from the founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy on how to use essential oils with your dog. 

Your teacher

Caroline is the founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy (animal self-medication) and the Ingraham Method of Innate Medicine (IMIM). She has been teaching since the late 1980’s, as well as constantly studying and researching aromatic medicine with a wide range of different species, helping both animals and people.

Caroline is a highly sought-after expert and researcher in the field of animal self-medication and aromatic medicine. She is author of numerous books such as ‘Help Your Dog Heal Itself,’ ‘Animal Self-Medication,’ ‘How Animals Heal Themselves, ‘The Aromatic Workbook,’ and many others. Caroline has appeared on national and international TV, Radio, journals, magazines and is a sought after speaker on the international lecture circuit, speaking to vets, vet nurses, zoologists, conservationists, behaviourists and animal lovers.

Our community

As a student of the Ingraham Masterclass series, you are eligible to join the private Facebook group where you can interact with fellow students and share your experiences. You can also leave messages on the course comments page.


Access to longer online training courses

If this training has stimulated your interest in learning more about the IMIM methodology to an even deeper level, we have the Ingraham Online Masterclasses: Module 1 and Module 2, which are a pathway to the Professional Diploma Training.

Students need to have successfully completed Module 1 before progressing to Module 2

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It is lovely to again experience the passion and desire to help animals that made me study veterinary medicine in the first place. You are a brilliant teacher. I have rarely come across someone with so much knowledge and experience managing to keep their own ego out of the subject and offering pure support and encouragement. Kathrin A

Beautiful videos and so fascinating to watch. Louise Spicer

I want to express my gratitude for all the precious knowledge and experience you have shared!  Petra & Savi

Thank you for providing such wonderfully rich training material –  Sue farmer

I am constantly inspired by your unwavering passion for your life’s work and to see the truly individualised approach in action for each and every case. I guess it’s not called IMIM for nothing! Your patience, calm manner, and acute art of subtle observation is to be wondered at. What a learning experience and what a role model, thank you Caroline!  Julia Cardy

I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning, fantastic you have a range of teaching styles to accommodate everyone wanting to learn. Enjoyed the assessments to check my learning. Louise W

The lessons where so interesting. Thank you :) In-depth, enlightening, refreshing. Corine Greetz

Finding truth seems to be a big challenge in our world today. It is so vital that we learn the real truth especially when it comes to healing and helping animals and ourselves for that matter. Thank you so much Caroline for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in this IMIM approach. Charlene S