Our Vision

We envisage a world where no animal suffers, a world where nature is respected and sustainably harvested as a source of healing. We envision a world in which animal guardians are empowered with knowledge and resources to safely help animals in their care.

Ingraham Masterclass reviews

Ingraham Masterclass Module 1

Online training: 

Open to all students.

Start at any time - learn in your own time.

Teaching is not via powerpoint, instead, it is a mixture of learning tools that includes videos, practical sessions, illustrations and course notes.

No pre-requisites. After purchase you will have immediate access to the entire module. This training aims to help you work more effectively with your own animals. 


Single payment: £597.00


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Ingraham Masterclass Module 2

Online training 

As all lessons in both modules are designed to build upon each other we ask that you complete Module 1 before starting Module 2. Like Module 1, this training aims to help you work more effectively with your own animals. 

Again the teaching is not via powerpoint, instead, it is a mixture of learning tools that includes videos, practical sessions, illustrations and course notes.


Single payment: £597.00


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Ingraham Masterclass Module 3

IMIM Professional Online Canine Diploma

Diploma course full for entry 2023

Next diploma entry (Dates tbc: Oct 24)


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Please note the all modules/content at all levels are subject to change as the course is an ever evolving training and we wish to bring you the very best experience.


Refund policy

Provided you have not accessed the online lessons, you have a 14 day cooling off period after purchase during which time if you change your mind, we will issue a full refund. After this date no refund can be given.



The content in this website and training courses has been derived from obserbvational research, backed up by science where possible. It is not a method of diagnosis and should not be substituted for veterinary advice. The author cannot be held responsible for the use of the plant extracts, clays, herbs or oils and their application.


Caroline's shop sells all the remedies she uses in self-medication, having spent thirty years finding the highest quality and greatest efficacy for the remedies most selected by animals for a wide range of issues. Everything is the highest human grade (remedies can be used for both humans and animals) and orders are dispatched worldwide

Caroline's recent books are also available from the shop:

Animal Self-Medication: 

Softback: ISBN: 978-0-9524827-6-5​
Hardback: ISBN: 978-0-9524827-7-2

Help Your Dog Heal Itself: 3rd edition

Softback: ISBN: 978-0-9524827-4-1   

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